Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Boondi Laddu / Boondi ka Laddu

One of the most quintessential Indian sweets that are prepared in most of the auspicious occasions is boondi laddoo’s. Be it weddings, pooja’s, festivals, you name any occasion, boodi ka laddoo are everyone’s favorite.

Boondi Laddu / Boondi ka Laddu

Category- Vegetarian


Bengal Gram flour (besan) 2 cups
Baking soda ½ tsp
Sugar 2 cups
Raisins 50gms
Cashew nuts 50 Gms
Cardamom (elaichi) 10-12 nos
Few strands of saffron (kesar)
Milk 2 tsp
Ghee or dalda ½ kg


Remove the cardamom from shell and powder them. Now to ¼ cup of water add the sugar. Heat it till the sugar melts completely. Check the sugar solution if it has attained the right consistency. Test it by dropping it in water and if the sugar solution remains intact the sugar solution is ready. Now to the sugar solution adds saffron and cardamom powder. While the sugar solution is being prepared ass few drops of milk, this will facilitate the impurities to0 be collected on the surface which can be easily removed.

Mix soda and gram flour with the solution to form a smooth paste free from lumps. Heat the ghee in a pan, now pour the boondi batter in the boondi maker and fry. Remove when they turn light yellow. In another pan fry cashews and raisins. Now mix all the prepared ingredients to the sugar solution and mix. Let it cool. Grease some ghee on the palms and make laddus by squeezing the mixture in hands. Serve.

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